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F.M. Callahan is certified to perform the following procedures:

Name of ProcessSpecification Approval & Techincal Representative Name for Approved Process
Copper PlatingAMS2418; MIL-C-14550, S414
Silver PlatingAMS2410; AMS2411; AMS2412; QQ-S-365, S414
Nickel PlatingAMS2403; QQ-N-290; S414
Electroless-Nickel PlatingAMS2404; MIL-CL26074, S414
Aluminum Anodic CoatingAMS2471; AMS2472; MIL-A-8625, Type II; S414
Aluminum ConversionAMS2473; MIL-C-5541; S414
Acid/Alkali CleaningP4TF2; P4TF3
Titanium CleaningP4TF3; S-421
Black OxideAMS2485, MIL-C-13924
GoldAMS 2422, MIL-G-45204
TinAMS 2408, MIL-T-10727
ZincAMS 2402, ASTM B633
90/10 Tin LeadMIL-P-81728
60/40 Tin LeadMIL-P-81728
Chem FilmAMS-2473, AMS 2477, MIL-C-5541

We also process parts to ALL other AMS, Military and ASTM specifications for the finishes listed above.


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