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Process List

Plated Finishes

Precious Metal Plating - Silver and Gold

Zinc Plating - Lustrous zinc coatings can be produced over ferrous and non-ferrous metals for increased eye appeal.

Copper - Primarily used as an undercoat and also for selective carborizing.

Bright Nickel Plating - Ideal as an ornamental finish for sales appeal where cost is a predominating factor.

Electroless Nickel - Assures absolute uniformity of plate inside and out regardless of irregularities of shape.

Sulfamate Nickel - Ideal for aircraft and nuclear applications but has many industrial applications.

Tin - Used on items that come in contact with foods or in electrical field.

Lead, Tin, Alloy, or Solder Plate - Applied to parts that have to be soldered after assembly.

Surface Treatments

Yellow and Clear Chromate - This coating provides a better bond and more durable protection for paint than more expensive oxide forming processes on aluminum and its alloys.

Iridate #14-2 - A chemical process clear to yellow corrosion resistant films on aluminum and its alloys.

Conversion Coatings - A finish for zinc (clear, blue, yellow, olive drab or black), aluminum, copper, brass and bronze, which protects against corrosion.

Pickling - This is a process that removes all foreign material from the surface of stainless steel.

Passivating on Stainless Steel - This is a process that removes all foreign material from the surface of stainless steel.

Black Oxide - This is a jet-black decorative finish for iron and steel. Has some corrosion inhibiting properties in it but is usually supplemented by a rust preventive oil. No dimensional change.

Titanium Cleaning & Acid Etching - This is an Aerospace requirement from the OEMs like GEAE for P4TF3.


Sulfuric Acid- Provides thick oxide coatings for aluminum and its alloys.

Color Anodizing - F.M. Callahan & Son, Inc. are experts at dying anodized coatings with pleasing colors.


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